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Dr Parker is a nationally and internationally recognized Specialist in disorders and surgery of the knee joint. He has particular interests in sports injuries, ligament reconstruction, realignment surgery and cartilage pathology, and knee replacement surgery. He completed his orthopaedic training in Sydney, followed by overseas post-doctoral fellowships for 2 years in world-renowned institutions to further his knowledge and training in the area of knee surgery. This involved studying knee replacement with leading surgeons Dr Cec Rorabeck and Dr Bob Bourne in London, Ontario, followed by one year studying sports medicine and knee reconstructive surgery under the supervision of Dr Peter Fowler at the Fowler Kennedy Centre, also in London, Ontario. He then spent time visiting other Centres of excellence in knee surgery in cities in Europe and Scandinavia including Lyon, France, and Stockholm, Sweden. On return to Australia, he began practice in Sydney in 2001, specialising exclusively in disorders of the knee joint, with Visiting Medical Officer appointments at the Royal North Shore Hospital, North Shore Private Hospital and the Mater Private Hospital He was co-founder of the Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute in 2002, and has built up an extensive research portfolio with major strengths in knee surgery which is recognized nationally and internationally. He has a strong publication record and is a regular invited speaker at national and international Orthopaedic Conferences and symposia. He is currently involved in a range of projects concerned with improving the understanding of knee pathology, assessing and improving the outcomes of knee surgery, and studying the development and evaluations of new surgical procedures and technologies. Examples of specific areas of research include computer navigated surgery designed to enhance longevity of the prosthesis and optimize patient outcomes, realignment surgery as a treatment for younger patients with arthritis, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, patellofemoral pathology, cartilage regeneration procedures, and complex multiligament injuries of the knee joint. Dr Parker is actively involved in a number of international orthopaedic and sports medicine organisations, including being 2nd Vice-President of ISAKOS (International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine), Past President of APKASS (Asia Pacific Knee & Arthroscopic Surgery Society), and a board member of the ACL Study Group. He has made a significant contribution to improvement of knee surgery with effective translation of his research and clinical skills and knowledge to different parts of the World with regular engagement in presentations and workshops.


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Textbook & Journal Editor
Management of Osteoarthritis of the Knee in the Younger, Active Patient. Publishers Springer 2016
Guest Editor for 2 Supplementary Editions of ARTHROSCOPY Journal: “Biologics in Orthopaedics”, April 2015

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Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute
University of Sydney ( Associate Professor )
Queensland University of Technology ( Adjunct Professor )
Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

About The ACL Study Group

The ACL study group was organized 25 years ago by a small group of orthopedic surgeons with a common interest in the anterior cruciate ligament. Today, Dr. John Bergfeld organizes this large international study group that meets every 2 years to exchange information in an informal and friendly atmosphere.